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6th-8th GRADE 

Create new experiences, ask hard questions, and get in the middle of the issues. It’s all about discovering what you’re really passionate about.


We’re going to challenge you to know Jesus and love people. From missions trips to Bible history, you’ll leave middle school with an appreciation for your faith.

Beyond the Basics

From math to science, literature to history, you’ll have to think critically and work hard in our classes. Trust us, you’re not wasting time when you learn from our master teachers.


This is a chance to branch out and try new things. You’ll get to choose from a ton of great classes and succeed at something you’re passionate about.


Our music program rocks. Our Band and Orchestra travel to showcase their skills. Both consistently win awards and recognition.


When we incorporate the Arts into our focus, STEM becomes STEAM. We believe that science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are all crucial for your future.


Our chapels are student-led. That means a group of your peers practice every day and lead you in a time of praise. It also means that you can join that team, if you want.